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High Power Microscopes with built in digital cameras

Some of our more popular compound and stereomicroscopes can be supplied with a digital camera already built into the microscope head. This approach to obtaining good digital images from microscopes have, like many things, both  advantages and also some considerations. The models listed below have a full description if you follow the links.



The SP20D has been specifically commissioned by ourselves to combine effective optics with a stable camera CMOS chip and easy to use software that allows full image manipulation and image measurement at an affordable price

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The SP27D  and the SP28D are available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes. The SP28D is unique in that it has an incident flexible arm light soure which enables the examination of microscope slides and also objects that are not transparent at magnification up yo x200.

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The SP50D  is the digital version of one of our most popular compound microscopes that bridges the gap between serious amateur and professional microscopy. Magnification range x40 to x1000

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The SP55D  is the digital version of our compound microscope  range with the option of a 3M inbuilt digital camera. Magnification range of x40 to x1000.


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