Dino-lite AM4113TL

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Dino-lite AD7013MTL

Price £554.67 + vat

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For tasks where extra distance to the object and a larger field of view is required Dino-Lite offers a series of Long Working Distance microscopes. The extra working distance and larger field of view make this series an ideal solution for tasks such as repair, rework or assembly or for working with bulky objects or fragile objects that cannot be touched.

Microscopes in this range offer an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixel, a USB connection and include the user-friendly DinoCapture software. Models with built-in polariser to reduce reflection or models with an extra robust metal housing are also available. The maximum magnification reaches 140 times which is usually more than enough for this kind of applications.

Specifically designed with the needs of the electronics industry in mind Dino-Lite even offers several Electrostatic Discharge Safe models with Long Working Distance (ESD) and a larger Field Of View.

One of the most versatile and technologically advanced models within this series is the Dino-Lite AM4115ZTL, which features a magnification from 10x to 140x with a large field of view and a working distance of up to 23 cm making it a unique product way ahead of the market

Dino-lite AM4115TL Edge

Price £408.00 + vat

Dino-lite AM7915MZTL Edge

Price £888.00 + vat

Dino-lite AM4815ZTL Edge

Price £630.22 + vat

Dino-lite AM4515ZTL Edge

Price £514.67 + vat

Dino-lite AM4115ZTL Edge

Price £479.11 + vat

Dino-lite AM7515MZTL Edge

Price £763.56 + vat

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