Dino-Lite High-Speed

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For working in environments where you do not want to use a computer, or when a real-time video stream is required, a Dino-Lite with DVI, VGA or direct TV connection might be the best solution.

The Dino-lite series with a VGA connector can be plugged directly into a computer monitor (VGA screen) and the DVI and TV models can be connected directly to the TV screen.

A great advantage of the High-Speed Real-time models is that they offer a high frame rate of up to 60 frames per second; ideal in situations where real time images are vital, such as working on PCB's or with objects that need to be moved around under the microscope

Dino-Lite USB 3.0 Connection

USB 3.0 adds a new transfer mode called "SuperSpeed" (SS) capable of transferring data up to 5Gbits/s (625MB/s). Dino-Lite models with USB 3.0 offer an image transfer speed of up to 45FPS at a 1280 x 960 resolution. SuperSpeed allows users to take advantage of the full power of the Dino-Lite Edge Series optics including improved colour accuracy and image quality.

Dino-lite  AM73115MTF Edge

Price £843.56 + vat

Dino-lite AM73915MZT Edge

Price £1065.78 + vat

Dino-Lite High Definition connection (DVI)

High Speed Real Time models that connect directly to a computer monitor or a TV screen via a DVI connector

Dino-lite  AM5018MZTL

Price £576.89 + vat

Dino-lite AM5018MZT4

Price £568.00 + vat

handheld series

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