microscope/computer bundles

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Digital microscopes, either high power, stereo or handheld, require the use of either a laptop or PC. The success of this partnership depends very much on the specification of the computer. The operating system (Windows XP/7/8 or MAC), the type of USB connection and the specifics of the media card can all affect the quality of the outcome.
Brunel Computing, a sister company of Brunel Microscopes, has the expertise in these matters. Purchasing any of our digital microscopes includes in the  price access to this knowledge by telephone or Internet. We will get our Digital Microscopes working on your computer, and if necessary we will connect via the Internet directly to your computer and sort out any teething problems for you.  
On occasion we find that customers would like to replace their ‘ageing’ PC or laptop at the time of purchasing a digital microscope. Then we are able to combine our expertise and recommend a ‘package’.
Should you require this type of service please telephone 01249 462655 and one of our engineers would be pleased to discuss your needs with you and ensure that you receive a microscope/computer bundle that works correctly from the moment you turn it on.
01249 462655