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stereomicroscope series

Brunel BMR DC Digital Stereomicroscope

The BMR DC is a new concept in microscopy, combining a stereomicroscope with an ‘on board’ computer system.

The Stereomicroscope:
This is one of the most modern units available, with a number of features found only in microscopes of a far higher price.
• Tilting binocular eyetubes, 5 - 45° inclined with an interpupillary adjustment of 55 - 75mm.
• Zoom magnification range of x8 to x80. The unit is supplied with a x1 plan objective as standard, with x0.5, and x2 plan objectives as accessories.
• x10 extra wide field eyepieces supplied as standard with x15 and x20 available as accessories.
• The unit has a working distance of 78mm with a focus range of 105mm.
• The BMR DC has a large and stable stand unit with rack and pinion focus throughout, and a large stand base designed for ease of manipulation.
• The microscope stand has both transmitted and incident LED illumination with rheostat brightness control.
• The BMR DC has a wide range of unique accessories including, coaxial illumination, dark field, polarisation and epi-fluorescence attachments. A side arm photography system is provided as standard.

The Computer System:

• The BMR DC has an integral 2M pixels CMOS chip that gives a parfocal image with the microscope.
• The unit has USB 2.0, AV and VGA outputs with 100M Ethernet interface.
• 8.4 inch TFT touch screen running Windows CE 5.0, that can be operated by mouse of touch.
• The computer can Ethernet or Wifi to a PC or directly to the Internet.
• SD card expansion slot.
• Automatic image capture and manipulation software.

Price £2625 (Euro 2888)
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